Commercialization Office

Commercialization Office's mission is to organize the effective management of the commercialization process in accordance with an industry focus.

The main purpose of commercialization offices is to commercialize the results of scientific and technical activity of scientists.

Tasks commercialization Office:

- Search for and promotion of competitive commercially promising scientific developments in accordance with industry-oriented academy;

- Creation and management of innovative infrastructure for the commercialization of technologies scientists of the Academy in the educational environment of the university and the economy of the transport sector;

- Provision of services for the protection of intellectual property, licensing, consulting;

- Implementation of information activities to promote the idea of technology commercialization in academia and the development of technology commercialization system in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Ensure the development at the University of new innovative companies.

Commercialization Office performs bridging role between science and business.


Muslim Nurymovich Aykumbekov,  

Head of the Department, Cand.Tech.Sci

ph. +7 727 292 27 09

mob. +7 777 802 24 11