International Cooperation


Today JSC “Kazakh Academy of Transport and Communication named after M. Tynyshpayev” (KazATC) is the main basis on the preparation of highly-qualified specialists for the transport and communication sector of economy of Kazakhstan.

The mission of the International Projects and Academic Mobility Department - the achievement in provision of high educational services in the sphere of higher and postgraduate education, the internationalization maintenance of academy activities and improvement KazATC recognition through realizing the principles of the Bologna Process and contemporary international standards of quality.

Academy intends to meet the world tendency of high school development and integrate into the world education space by:

- search, development and establishment of effective sustainable relationships with leading world universities, scientific and educational organizations;

- search new international scholarship programmes and student exchange programmes, information publicity and consultation for students, teachers and staff;

- support academic mobility of students, teachers and staff, as well as students involvement from foreign countries for study at KazATC;

- development of multilingual education;

- foreign teachers involvement for lecturing and conducting joint activities and etc.

Nowadays more that 115 agreements and memorandums of cooperation are signed with universities, organizations and scientific research institutes from 20 CIS and foreign countries such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain, China, South Korea, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.  

Academic mobility is one of the priority directions of international activity at KazATC. This activity gives opportunity to students of Bachelor and Master Degrees and young scientists to continue their education/study or gain scientific experience abroad. The main goal of the development of academic mobility programme is increasing education quality, improving understanding between different peoples and cultures, upbringing a new generation prepared for life and work in the global informative community.

Also KazATC takes part in 2 international projects of TEMPUS programmes:

- project “INOCAST - Innolabs in central Asia for a sustainable catalyzation of innovation in the Knowledge Triangle.” Project Dates: 01.12.2013 -30.11.2016. It aims to meet the needs of Central Asian universities in the development of sustainable, based on experience and oriented to a user infrastructure to catalyze innovation in the Knowledge Triangle.

-project “Promoting Educational Organization through People (PEOPLE)”. Project Dates:  – 01.12.2013 -30.11.2016.  It is aimed at strengthening the competencies of senior and middle level managers at higher education institutions through the creating management strategy of human resources and staff development directed to solve the problems (challenges) faced by universities at the partner countries in a process of economic transition and globalization.

The Academy active participation in the international projects, educational programs and implementation of international cooperation agreements and programs enables the academic mobility development of students and staff to acquire and implement international best practices, expand professional knowledge and skills as well as discussion, development and realization of project ideas, strengthen KazATC image.