In order to consolidate the theoretical knowledge and practical skills learners Academy organizes manufacturing practices on the basis of structural units and subsidiaries of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy "and other third-party organizations.

For each specialty determined by the number of bases the practice of the most significant enterprises, institutions and organizations of the relevant industry.

In order to ensure a centralized constant work on the conclusion of long-term contracts in some places students Academy is conducted with large enterprises, institutions and organizations on practical training and subsequent employment. .

In the 2015-2016 school year, all students have a real work experience in the field. So the enterprises of JSC "NC" KTZ "production practice are 75.6% of the students of the total number in party organizations on the basis of contracts -24.4%.

Higher education should be oriented primarily at meeting the needs of current and perspektivnh national economy in specialists.

Also, before the Government set the task "Legislate mandatory practical training in enterprises, starting from the second year of study in high school"

The practice of students is conducted from 1 course, and includes educational, industrial and pre-diploma practice.

In the 2015-2016 academic year at the academy have been educational practice 470 students.

In 2014, jointly developed FTskadr Rules of the organization of production practice under the guidance of mentors.

In 2015-2016, the second year is organized a paid internship at the enterprises of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Temir Zholy ", which took place 89 students of 3 courses.


Information on the bases of industrial practice of the specialty :

Automobiles, road machinery and standardization

Life safety and environmental protection

Radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications

Transport building and Construction

Аccounting and audit, Finance, Economic

Electrical power

Automation and Control

Computer Engineering and Software and Information system

Logistica - (industry - Transport)

Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation

Transport, transport technic and technology