Who are Salafis?

    Member of Religious Affairs Department, theologian has conducted an explanatory seminar on the theme "How to recognize Salafite" for the academic staff and advisors on 27th of April 2017 in KazATC named after M. Tynyshpaev.
    The purpose of the meeting - to recognize the youth recruited into the ranks of the unconventional religious movement - Salahism, which poses a great threat to our society.
    During the meeting the theologian has advised to pay attention to the appearance, as well as ask certain questions.
    He also showed and explained the difference in the reading of Namaz, the ethics of reading Namaz by the adherents of the Abu Hanif's madhhab and the features of salahitami prayer. 
    Non-traditional religious currents exist in our country were shown in "Destructive Flows" video.
    Many questions were asked by the staff and advisors during the meeting.